Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2016

The first weeks on spotify

The first weeks on spotify


In the beginning of this year I published an album with 8 of my tracks on spotify and co. In the beginning it is difficult to get any statistics. The music distribution company who spreads my album get the most statistics after 2 month. The only statistic now I have is for spotify. The first 24 days...

It's seems to be interesting for any listeners on spotify and have any clicks. But more I can't see...

I don't know what I can earning per click. In the web the facts about this are very different. But it's seem to be not much. I red often 0.5ct  and sometimes 0.005ct per click. In the next weeks I will know the big secret.

Now I will make music furthermore...and maybe a second album will follow

Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

music marketing for unsigned composers and musicians

music marketing

You can read so many tipps and tricks for marketing your music in the www. And you read mostly the same. Do this and that, use social media marketing and so on.

But is this realy the right way?

I found any good articles of users that wrote down experiences with facts and figures.

A great article with a lot of good responses especially for artists and muscians. I have the same experiences. When nobody knows who you are, nobody will interested in your products. I get any likes on Facebook, Twitter and co. but no clicks on the posting links.

A general article.

But what is the right way? I don't know. So often I asked this question and red so many about.

My answer: I continue will make music, try other and other platformes in the web. But the important thing: make music!

A new way

Do you use spotify, itunes and co?

I never have had any excperiences with spotify. But I will give a try for one year. I published an album with my clear name Andre Albrecht and selcted for this 8 tracks. Maybe it is a way to get any listener for my music.

This album is for one year on itunesgoogle music and a lot of other platformes.

I don't expect a lot. 

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2016

my experiences with luckstock

         My experiences with luckstock

Since two month I have a profile on

Luckstock now have 51,508 items and 12,436 members and offer only audio like music tracks, sound effects, logos, loops and other sounds. At this time it seems to grow up to a big royalty free music place with a lot of music and sounds for licensing and direct download for any kind of project: from personal videos, presentations to commercials, TV and broadcasting.

how to: 

To upload an item is absolutely easy. You have to choose the categorie than pick your audio file, upload it and wait any seconds. Than you make your description, choose any tags from a list, or make your own tags. The tempo will automatically identified but often you have to check this for correctness.



On Luckstock I found the fairest earnings in the web. For your non-exclusive audio files you get a minimum of 50% for your sales. When you use the affiliate program you get 80% of a sale. And you can offer your music elsewhere, without any restrictions.


Luckstock set the price for you. I think the price will set to the lenght an audio file.

views and sales: 

Here you can see that luckstock is still a newcomer in the web. I get a lot views, but no sales so far. Other users have the same problem. Maybe not enough buyers are registered.


The support get a top mark. You have a chat box where you can chat with the support in real time. The supporters are very polite and helpful.

previews of the audio files: 

The previews sounds ok, but the watermark are a little too loud for me.

For buyers:

On Luckstock, you only pay once and can use the music and audio in perpetuity. You don't need to buy extra licences or others like on other music places.

my impression:

Luckstock is one of the best royalty free music places I think. I feel comfortable on this site. For buyers and composers it seems to be a very fair music place. The support is top, the views are ok. But I hope more buyers will join this market places in their own interest and for musicians and composers.

Any links to my work:

Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

Samstag, 2. Januar 2016

I deleted all my items on audiojungle

Today I get a hard rejection on audiojungle....once again. This was the 20. or 30. hard rejection successively.

I don't know why, but all my items get hard rejections the last months and I get no chance to go on on audiojungle.

I red a lot of other authors with the same problems. A good friend of my who is a professional music writer and composer for big companies and with a contract at the biggest world's largest music label tryed 3 tracks uploaded on audiojungle. He get 3 hard rejections with the reason of bad composing.

The last times I get the held status on audiojungle and than the hard rejections for bad composing or bad mixing or mastering. But for other big royalty free music places the music tracks are good enough.
So I have decided to stop producing for audiojungle and take all my items and upload it to other royalty free music places. Old items nobody watch without new items.

The most reviewers are selling music even on audiojungle...maybe that is the problem.

I think I will go a new way. And audiojungle or envato is not my way. It's a shame but it's one of the best seller places I think.


Freitag, 1. Januar 2016

Royalty free music 2016

The last weeks I made a lot of music and created new accounts on royalty free music places.

Where you can find 4_track accounts now?

1. audiojungle: 4 track on audiojungle

2. pond 5: 4 track on pond5

3. luckstock: 4 track on luckstock

4. Motionelements: 4 track on motionelements